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Employees Health

Health checkups/measurements of workplace environments

ROHM has conducted regular health checkups for employees to manage their health. The consulting rate reached a hundred percent promptly. Moreover, the age limit of health guidance for those who may become candidates to suffer lifestyle-related diseases has been extended to those who are under 40 years old and is outside the range of those who require special health guidance. This change was implemented in Shin-Yokohama inFY 2016 and will also be introduced at our Kyoto headquarters from FY 2017.
ROHM also regularly conducts "measurements of workplace environments." These measurements cover even environments where the risk of direct exposure to hazardous substances or chemicals is low. For more than 20 years straight, the workplace at ROHM's Head Office (a total of 270 sites were measured in 2016) has been ranked "first class," which means the workplace environment is appropriately managed.

Measures for mental health

Mental health workshop for administrators Mental health workshop for administrators

As measure for employee mental health, ROHM provides seminars on mental health and relaxation. In FY 2016, 63 people participated in mental health seminars for administrators, 25 for individual mental health seminars and 113 for sweet therapy seminars. The company provides a resident nurse (psychological consultant) in the medical affairs bureau, and this person can be consulted at anytime.
Furthermore, ROHM provides for examination by an occupational health physician when necessary. In FY 2016, 3,131 employees from all group companies went through examinations for stress checks, which were made mandatory.

Various activities for health promotion

Let's Walk Club Let's Walk Club

ROHM created a "Health Promotion Committee" to maintain and promote health, and organize various activities to promote the health of its employees.
A typical event of ROHM's, the "Let's Walk Club," is one such activity. This event is held every spring and autumn. After walking for several kilometers and enjoying the season and scenery, employees and their families interact with one another by playing various games and participating in different events, and spend a pleasant and healthy holiday. In 2016, 489 employees participated in the two events in spring and autumn. Also, a "walking campaign," in which employees challenge a goal of walking 910,000 steps total or 10,000 steps every day for 91 days from September 1 to November 30 was held in 2016 and 534 employees participated in the campaign.
Every year, we hold a variety of sports events that give management staff, employees, and their families the chance to socialize with one another while working up a sweat.

Health promotion program at overseas production company

The production company in Thailand provides employees and cafeteria chefs with dietary education in cooperation with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, a specialized agency of the Thai government. In addition, a health station has been established in the company's convenience store that sells health drinks and has a scale and blood pressure monitor available free for use, establishing a system to increase health awareness among employees.

Stakeholder Voice From a specialized agency of the Thai government

Working together with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health*) to implement a health promotion program

In Thailand, there are few companies even today in which management staff and other employees share their views on the importance of workplace health promotion and where employees' health and happiness are promoted. In response, the ROHM Group's production company in Thailand utilizes Thai Health's ‘Happy Workplace Program' to maintain a mid- to long-term vision in which the company comes together to achieve a healthy and comfortable work climate. We were extremely impressed by their sincere efforts.

*Thai Health: A specialized agency of the Thai government dedicated to promoting health in Thai citizens

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