Procurement Activities

Basic Stance Requested of Our Business Partners

The ROHM Group aggressively promotes CSR procurement activities based on the RBA Code of Conduct.
Promotion of activities, however, shall not be confined to only our activities, but instead must be addressed by the entire supply chain involved in the business process, making cooperation with our Business Partners essential.

1. Complying with Laws and Social Norms

We request compliance with social norms prescribed in RBA Code of Conduct and various laws in accordance with the 'Basic Transaction Agreement' and 'Basic Purchase and Other Transaction Agreement' with each ROHM Group Company.

2. Achieving Quality, Delivery and Stable Supply

We request the achievement stable product supply that meets the standards for quality and delivery, as stipulated in the Basic Transaction Agreement', 'Basic Purchase and Other Transaction Agreement', and 'Quality Assurance Agreement' with each ROHM Group Company.

3. Strengthening Response Capabilities Against Demand Fluctuations

In the semiconductor component industry where demand fluctuations rapidly occur, the ROHM Group is required to quickly respond to the needs of our Customers at all times. We also request our Business Partners to establish systems that can always flexibly respond to these demand fluctuations.

4. Establishing a Supply Chain BCP

We request cooperation in establishing a system that can ensure continuous supply through the sharing of information across the entire supply chain, which includes our Business Partners, during unforeseen events such as natural disasters.

5. Strengthening Technical Capabilities That Can Contribute to Product Development

Possessing leading-edge technology is the source of corporate competitiveness in the semiconductor component industry, where technical innovation happens at a very fast pace. Similarly, we request that our Business Partners continually work on technological advancement to promote technical innovation.

6. Maintaining Sound Business Management

We urge our Business Partners to promote sound business management to strengthen partnerships with the ROHM Group through continuous transactions. We also request proper disclosure by our Business Partners of their management policies and business conditions (financial) with respect to the ROHM Group.

7. Eco-Friendly Activities

The ROHM Group is focused on procurement activites such as 'Green Procurement' by actively promoting environmental management and conservation of the global environment based on our established 'Environmental Policy'. Likewise, we request that our Business Partners also supply eco-friendly products, in conformance with environmental laws and regulations.

8. Information Security Compliance

Because the ROHM Group discloses to our Business Partners information vital for transactions, we request that control and protection be ensured for confidential information obtained through the course of such processes.

9. Business Partner Responsibility

We request cooperation in communicating the above-mentioned 'Basic Stance Requested of Our Business Partners' by our Business Partners to their suppliers as well, to enable promotion of CSR Procurement Activities throughout the entire supply chain.