Procurement Activities

ROHM Group Procurement Policy

Rohm shall conduct procurement activities based on the following five policies in order to acquire customers' satisfaction for Rohm products.

1. Mutual Reliability and Prosperity

ROHM will recognize Suppliers as important partners of the enterprise activities, and importantly have a reliable and cooperative relationship, so that ROHM is able to mutually aim at building up win-win relationship.

2. Fair and Equal Footing Trade

ROHM shall conduct procurement activities for Suppliers with fairness, equal footing and modesty during purchasing material, semi-products and equipment etc. and getting any type of service.
ROHM shall never enforce to do unfair trading with a superior position.

3. Fair Selection

ROHM shall globally & broadly open a trade chance so that equally realize a business opportunity.
During processing of suppliers' selection, ROHM shall consider a lot of aspects which are quality, technology, delivery and price. Additionally, there are also enthusiasm, management, ethics, human rights, risk management, environment protect, health and safety, removal of anti-social forces etc.

4. Proper evaluation and distribution for added value of product and service

ROHM shall conduct new products' development and cost reduction activities on the basis of strong partnership with Supplier. Also, ROHM shall promote proper evaluation and price for provided product and service through these activities.

5. CSR procurement

ROHM shall make an effort to penetrate CSR procurement with deeply mutual understanding between Supplier and ROHM in order to promote CSR procurement based on CSR procurement guideline with ROHM group. ROHM also promote environment-friendly procurement based on Green Procurement Guideline.