Procurement Activities

Promoting Fair and Equitable Procurement Activities

The ROHM Group values courtesy and civility at all times in dealings with our Business Partners and promotes procurement activities that enable fair and equitable transactions.

1. Implementing Fair and Equitable Transactions

We declare that ROHM Group Procurement Division, in accordance with 'The ROHM Group's CSR Procurement Policy' and pursuant to all relevant laws, regulations, and established policies, will open up our doors globally and conduct fair, impartial transactions with our Business Partners.

2. Business Partner Selection Criteria

The ROHM Group selects Business Partners from the perspective of 'Implementing Fair and Equitable Transactions.' Selection is made based on reasonable criteria for quality, price, delivery, stable supply, environmental consciousness, finance, human rights and ethics, among others.

(1) Observance of related laws and social norms and placing importance on human rights, health & safety, and the environment - in particular the ability to understand and promote compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct on Labor, Health & Safety, Environmental Conservation, Ethics, and Management System.

(2) Appropriate quality, price and delivery of materials and services to be supplied

(3) Stable supply capability and the flexibility to quickly respond to demand fluctuations

(4) Supply continuation plan in place against unforeseen events such as natural disasters

(5) Technological capability that can contribute to product development and advancement

(6) Sound financial health

(7) The ability to respond to our requirements regarding conflict minerals and Green Procurement

(8) Proper control and protection of confidential information obtained through transactions with the ROHM Group

3. Business Conduct Guidelines to Ensure Proper Procurement Activities

ROHM Group Procurement Division staff conducts business with an emphasis on civility and courtesy with respect to our Business Partners at all times. To maintain good relationships while preventing personal interests from developing, we have established 'Business Conduct Guidelines' for dealing with our Business Partners. These Guidelines contain strict rules on non-acceptance of any forms of entertainment, gifts, and souvenirs, which are thoroughly adhered to.

4. Compliance Hotline for Our Business Partners (Suppliers)

The ROHM Group has set up a 'Compliance Hotline for Suppliers', which allows our Business Partners to consult or report on compliance issues related to business transactions. Please notify us in the event of any behavior or action that may violate laws or potentially pose ethical problems when dealing with ROHM or ROHM Group companies.
In the case of legitimate reporting, disadvantageous treatment shall not be given to reporting persons on the basis of reporting.