Procurement Activities

CSR Procurement

1. The ROHM Group's Approach to CSR Procurement Promotion

In its CSR procurement activities, the ROHM Group strives to promote and distribute the ROHM Group CSR Procurement Guidelines with an attitude of humility and flexibility while fully understanding the position of each supplier to obtain approval. We value the relationship of trust and cooperation with our business partners and aim for mutual prosperity (win-win).

2. Communication with Business Partners

We have the opportunity to communicate directly with our suppliers to deepen their understanding of the ROHM Group's approach to CSR procurement, details on activities, and action plan.

<CSR Procurement Promotion Briefing>

2013.6.6 99 companies attended
2013.6.6 99 companies attended
2015.12.9 102 companies attended
2015.12.9 102 companies attended

<Partners Meeting>

2017.7.4 109 companies attended
2017.7.4 109 companies attended

<ROHM Group CSR Procurement Guidelines>

In compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct, we describe the ROHM Group's approach to CSR procurement and compiled specific items that should be promoted and distributed.

3. Review and Improve Supplier Initiatives

<ROHM Group CSR Procurement Self Assessment>

We request self-assessments every year to verify the progress of CSR activities at our business partners. These requests are targeted for business partners of ROHM Group manufacturing companies, including those overseas.

Implementation Status of CSR Procurement Self-Assessment

<CSR Procurement Audit>

Through direct visits and dialog with business partners, we verified the self assessments along with factory conditions and implemented improvements as necessary to communicate the ROHM Group's CSR Procurement Policy, approach, and activities - with the goal of obtaining greater understanding and approval.

CSR Procurement Audits - Total Number of Visiting Companies & Transaction Coverage
(Targets: Business partners of ROHM HQ and ROHM Group domestic and overseas production companies, values for 2017 are planned)