International Conference on SiC [ICSCRM2019] Held in Kyoto for the First Time in 24 Years


The International Conference on SiC and Related Materials (ICSCRM) was held from September 29 (Sun) to October 4 (Sun), 2019 at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Japan.

ICSCRM provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers from all over the world to present their latest findings in all fields related to SiC and other wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors. Professor Emeritus Matsunami from Kyoto University, a leading expert on SiC power devices, spearheaded this prestigious conference, which first began in Washington DC in 1987. Since then, ICSCRM has been held every 2 years in Japan, the US, and Europe. And after 24 years the conference finally returned to Kyoto, bringing together more than 1,200 SiC experts, experienced engineers, and young students from around the world.

ICSCRM 2019 Venue and ROHM Booth
ICSCRM 2019 Venue and ROHM Booth

ROHM participated as a Diamond Sponsor of this event, presenting drive circuit technology that maximizes the switching capabilities of SiC MOSFETs. Generally, power semiconductors such as SiC have both conduction and switching losses, but minimizing switching loss in particular is attracting increased attention to reduce power loss.
Normally, conventional drive circuits are not capable of maximizing the high-speed switching characteristics of SiC MOSFETs. In contrast, a new drive circuit presented by ROHM at the conference (oral presentation) adds a capacitor that further increases switching speed, making it possible to reduce the switching loss of the entire drive circuit by 25% or more. This technology is expected to be adopted in power conditioners for solar power systems.

In the poster session ROHM introduced a new modeling method for analyzing SiC device characteristics. However, although SiC is seeing widespread adoption, engineers are still facing difficulty developing circuit designs that can maximize device characteristics and achieve high efficiency, high frequency drive.
Fortunately, circuit design simulation tools have proven useful in solving these issues. ROHM’s new SiC MOSFET device modeling method announced at the conference is capable of obtaining switching characteristics (essential for circuit design) very close to the actual measurements, enabling high accuracy circuit simulation.

Additionally, on October 1 (Tuesday) ROHM hosted a lecture and welcome party for those who attended ICSCRM 2019. At the lecture, Dr. Nakahara of the ROHM Research & Development Center welcomed guests while Dr. Ino, General Manager of the Power Device Production Headquarters, provided the latest updates on ROHM’s SiC power devices. What’s more, Professor Emeritus Matsunami gave a special lecture, where he discussed the history and future prospects of SiC, from fundamental research conducted at Kyoto University to recent adoption cases in a variety of applications.
Afterward, a welcome party was held at a different venue, where Mr. Tateishi, Director and General Manager of the LSI Development Headquarters, and Professor Kimoto of Kyoto University greeted attendees. The participants engaged in exciting conversation, making it a lively event.

ROHM-Sponsored Events
ROHM-Sponsored Events

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