Join the ROHM Group at APEC 2017 as we showcase our latest power technologies and solutions for the Industrial, Automotive, Personal Transportation, IoT, and Consumer fields. Demos highlighting key products will also be shown.

Highlighted Products

Nano-Pulse Control Buck DC/DC Converter

ROHM's latest DC/DC converter utilizes proprietary technology to reduce the minimum ON time to an unprecedented 20ns – 6x shorter than existing solutions – enabling step-down operation from high input voltages, including 48V used in the automotive and industrial sectors, to 3.3V at a constant frequency of 2MHz. In addition, current-mode control provides easy phase compensation using fewer external parts, while the integrated high-voltage MOSFET expands the input voltage range to 65V for broader applicability.


ROHM's new SiC MOSFET IPM, which is expected to contribute to greater energy savings in home appliances and small industrial equipment, features: (1) reduced switching (Eon) and conduction losses vs IGBT and silicon MOSFET IPMs, (2) 77% and 50% lower power loss at lower inverter currents compared with IGBT and Si MOSFET IPMs, respectively, and (3) equivalent power loss at 30kHz vs of IGBT IPMs at 5kHz. In addition, a new gate driver IC is integrated that reduces turn ON and recovery losses over conventional solutions.

Nano-Energy DC/DC Converter

This latest ultra-low-power buck DC/DC converter features a current consumption of only 180nA, the lowest in the world. Additional benefits include 9 selectable output voltages and minimal dropout with 100% duty cycle, making it ideal for everything from portable devices to sensor/security systems and other low-power applications.

Highlighted Demos

SiC Technology for Formula E Inverters

Motor sports Formula E, the world's premiere racing class for electric vehicles, is garnering interest as a platform for further innovation in the electric car sector. Last year ROHM became an official technology partner of Formula E team Venturi, providing SiC power devices for inverters that comprise the core of the drive system in electric race cars.


EcoReco Scooter

EcoReco's Model R scooter represents an innovative new take on the personal electric vehicle by leveraging power devices along with smart sensors and wireless connectivity to deliver unprecedented performance, comfort, and convenience. Integrated are ROHM's buck converters, LDOs, and power MOSFETs, together with ambient/proximity sensors, EEPROMs, and Kionix's 6-axis accel-gyro sensor.


Toasting with SiCs

SiC makes operation at high temperatures possible. The inherent characteristics of wide bandwidth, high breakdown electric field, and high thermal conductivity make high temperature operation possible with no performance degradation. This demo will show the stable switching characteristics of SiC even at high temperatures.


Industry Session Presentation

Title: Gate Driver Selection
Presenter: Mitch Van Ochten
Location: Room 2
Date/Time: Thursday, March 30 | 8:30AM

Title: SiC Trench MOSFETs and Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)
Presenter: Kengo Ohmori
Location: Room 1
Date/Time: Thursday, March 30 | 2:00-5:25PM