AC/DC Design Library

Output Voltage [V]
Output Current [A]
Control Method
IC Product Name
Application Note
WW 20.0 3.0 Isolation PWM BM1P101FJ Datasheet
Item Spec Parts Name Maker
C1 0.1uF/X2 LE224 Okaya
C2 0.1uF/X2 LE224 Okaya
C3 100uF/450V
C4 2200pF/500V CK45-R3AD222KYNS TDK
C6 10uF/50V
C7 1000pF/16V
C8 47pF/16V
C10 0.1uF/25V
C11 470uF/35V/Low-Z
C12 470uF/35V/Low-Z
C20 2200pF/Y1
C21 2200pF/Y1
DA1 800V/10A D10XB80 Shindengen
D1 800V/0.1A 1N4007
D2 800V/0.1A 1N4007
D3 700V/0.5A /FRD RFN1L7S Rohm
D4 40V/1A/SBD/FRD RB160VA-40TR/RB160VAM-40 Rohm
D5 200V/0.5A /FRD RF05VA2STR/RF05VAM2S Rohm
D6 300V/5A RF2001T3D/RFN20T2D Rohm
F1 3.15A/AC250V
IC1 BM1P101FJ Rohm
LP01 SS26V-100250 NEC Tokin
Q1 800V/8A R8008ANX Rohm
R1 10kΩ MCR18EZHJ103 Rohm
R2 10kΩ MCR18EZHJ103 Rohm
R3 3.9MΩ MCR18EZHJ395 Rohm
R4 short
R5 39kΩ MCR10EZPJ393 Rohm
R6 200kΩ/2W
R7 10Ω MCR18EZPJ100 Rohm
R8 150Ω MCR10EZPJ151 Rohm
R9 100kΩ MCR10EZPJ104 Rohm
R10 0.22Ω/1W
R11 1kΩ MCR10EZPJ102 Rohm
R12 10Ω MCR18EZHJ100 Rohm
R15 2kΩ MCR10EZPJ202 Rohm
R16 20kΩ MCR10EZPJ203 Rohm
R17 7.5kΩ MCR10EZPJ752 Rohm
R18 330kΩ MCR10EZPJ331 Rohm
R19 120kΩ MCR10EZPJ124 Rohm
R20 12kΩ MCR10EZPJ123 Rohm

ROHM's AC/DC design library is free online design example of the AC/DC power supply circuit. On this page you will find a parts list and characteristic data, trans specifications by choosing the wattage specifications from the current - voltage chart. We have collected these data into PDF file and you can download it.

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