AC/DC Design Library

Output Voltage [V]
Output Current [A]
Control Method
IC Product Name
Application Note
200 12.0 0.3 Non-isolation PWM BM2P094F Datasheet
Item Spec Parts Name Maker
C1 4.7uF/400V
C3 10uF/50V
C4 1000pF/16V
C5 330uF/25V/Low-Z
C8 0.1uF/AC250V/X-Cap
D1 800V/1A 1N4007 x 4
D2 600V/1A/FRD RFN2L6S Rohm
D3 600V/0.5A 1SR154-600 Rohm
F1 1A
FL1 10mH/CMC
IC1 BM2P094F Rohm
L1 470uH/0.6A
Q1 50V/0.1A/NPN 2SC4081UB Rohm
R3 1.2Ω/0.5W MCR25JZHFLR20 Rohm
R8 1kΩ MCR10EZPJ102 Rohm
R9 1kΩ MCR10EZPJ102 Rohm
R10 100Ω MCR10EZPJ101 Rohm
R12 22kΩ MCR10EZPJ223 Rohm
ZD1 11V UDZVTE1711B Rohm
No Data Availbale
No Data Availbale

ROHM's AC/DC design library is free online design example of the AC/DC power supply circuit. On this page you will find a parts list and characteristic data, trans specifications by choosing the wattage specifications from the current - voltage chart. We have collected these data into PDF file and you can download it.

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