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What are SiC power devices?

SiC Power Module Features

1.SiC Module Features

Power modules that handle large currents are typically IGBT types that combine Si IGBT with FRDs. However, ROHM has begun offering industry-leading modules that integrate SiC MOSFETs with SiC SBDs that minimize switching loss caused by IGBT tail current and FRD recovery loss, resulting in :

  1. Improved power supply efficiency with simpler cooling measures
    (Ex: Smaller heatsinks, natural cooling designs using forced air/water)
  2. Smaller peripheral components due to higher frequency operation
    (Ex. Smaller reactors and capacitors)

As a result, SiC power solutions have been increasingly adopted in power supplies for industrial equipment, solar power conditioners, and more.

2.Circuit Structure

SiC modules currently available include 2-in-1 types that make it possible to configure half-bridge circuits using a single module.
In addition to an SiC MOSFET+SiC SBD type, ROHM offers an SiC MOSFET only model, making it possible to select the ideal solution based on set needs.

Half Bridge Circuit
SiC Power Module Circuit Diagrams (Half Bridge Circuit)