Short Form Catalog/Catalog

This short form catalog contains a list of ICs, discrete and optical semiconductors, electronic components, and modules manufactured and sold by ROHM.
Please refer to the individual product pages on our website or the specific product datasheet for detailed information on each product.

Short Form Catalog (ebook)

E-book (English)

2017 Edition Short Form Catalog

ROHM Short Form Catalog
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Memory (2,562KB)
Amplifiers & Linear (2,479KB)
Clocks & Timers (780KB)
Switch & Multiplexer & Logic (1,093KB)
Data Converter (716KB)
Interface (1,319KB)
Power Management (9,918KB)
Motor / Actuator Drivers (3,579KB)
LED Drivers (1,250KB)
Display Drivers (1,398KB)
Sensors & MEMS (1,579KB)
Communication LSI (1,353KB)
Audio & Video (2,961KB)
Speech Synthesis LSI (1,103KB)
Microcontroller (3,099KB)
IC Packages (15,108KB)
SiC Power Devices (3,170KB)
IGBT (2,258KB)
Intelligent Power Module (1,151KB)
Transistors (10,702KB)
Diodes (9,302KB)
Resistors (5,155KB)
Tantalum Capacitors (2,407KB)
LEDs (6,200KB)
LED Displays (1,937KB)
Laser Diodes (2,419KB)
Optical Sensors (3,176KB)
Power Supply Modules (1,305KB)
Wireless Modules (1,695KB)
Contact Image Sensor (1,312KB)
Thermal Printheads ((1,563KB)
Short Form Catalog (95,892KB)


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Memory Catalog

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