ROHM Product Innovation Seminar [Power Management Solutions - USB POWER DELIVERY] at Nikkei-BP Asia monotsukuri Conference / July, 23rd, 2015 / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


USB Power Delivery (USB PD)

ROHM Semiconductor has released 'USB PD' interface controller IC, used in the latest USB-IF standard, "USB-Type C" that offers power delivery up to 100W, with ability to transmit multiple-protocols. USB Power Delivery technology is suitable for quick charge. Smartphone and Tablets can be charged by USB PD technology in amazingly short time with 8-times the power compared to previous system...more

Expanded compatibility

Wireless Power Charging IC "Qi"

ROHM's Wireless charging Controller for WPC Transmitter and Reciever IC lineup with high efficiency...more

PMIC for Freescale i.MX6SoloLite

ROHM's High Efficiency Power Management IC for Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite Processors Contributes to greater miniaturization and longer operating times in e-books, wearable tech, and portables for industrial applications...more

PMIC for Intel® Atom™ Z8500/Z8700

ROHM released of a dedicated system Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC), the BD2613GW, to support the next generation, 14nm Intel® Atom™ processor for Tablet-PCs. A highly integrated power management solution with industry's leading power efficiency, ROHM's PMIC is targeted towards ultra-thin form factor Tablet...more

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