ROHM Product Innovation Seminar - Key Technologies in Power Management- AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS | at Nikkei-BP Asia Monozukuri Conference / Sep., 9th, 2015 / Jakarta, Indonesia


Automotive Electronics

ROHM, which offers a variety of car audio ICs and discrete solutions, is expanding its product lineup to meet the needs of new and emerging applications in the automotive industry, including for car navigation and multimedia systems ...more

Buck and Boost Switching Regulator Controller

The BD9035AEFV-C is a buck-boost switching controller with a high withstand voltage and a wide input range (VIN=3.8~30V) capable of generating buck-boost output with one inductor ...more

High Voltage High Accuracy LED Source Drivers

BD8374HFP-M is a LED source driver with the capability of withstanding high input voltage (50V Max.). The fixed current output is possible by PWM brightness, and it is suitable for automotive LED drive ...more

PMICs for Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Family

BD9596BMWV (Jarrell Cove) is a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) designed specifically for use on Bay Trail-M/-D/-I platform for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, industrial control systems ...more

PMICs for Freescale i.MX6SoloLite

ROHM's High Efficiency Power Management IC for Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite Processors Contributes to greater miniaturization and longer operating times in e-books, wearable tech, and portables for industrial applications ...more

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