ROHM Electronic Laboratory

ROHM's online design tool ROHM Electronic Laboratory allows designers to evaluate products and circuits on the web. Circuit constants and input parameter can be freely selected and parts lists created, simplifying product selection considerably. The lineup is continually being expanded so check back frequently.

Applicable IC Series

Switching Regulators
H-Bridge Drivers


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  1. Easily verify and evaluate characteristics and operation.
  2. Freely adjust the operating conditions and circuit constants.
  3. Create parts lists after verifying operation.
  4. Save modified parts information and verify operation at a later date using the same conditions.
  5. The list of applicable part numbers will be gradually expanded.

Usage Explanation(Click on an image to enlarge)


1.Setting the operating conditions 2.Setting the external constants 3.Setting analysis conditions and initiating analysis
4.Confirming results 5.Product list 6.Saving/loading design data

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