Input/Output Full Swing Low Power Operational Amplifiers - LM7101G

The LM7101G operational amplifier provides on both the input and output full swing operation. The LM7101G is high voltage gain, low distortion, low consumption current. It's suitable for battery operation mobile equipment.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
Part Number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
LM7101G-GTR Active SSOP5 3000 3000 Taping Yes
Grade Standard
Power supply(Min.)[V](+5V=5, +/-5V=10) 1.8
Power supply(Max.)[V](+5V=5, +/-5V=10) 5.0
Channel 1
Input Offset Voltage(Max.)[mV] 3.5
Input Bias Current(Typ.)[nA] 0.0010
Slew Rate(Typ.)[V/µS] 1.2
Input Voltage Range [V] VEE to VCC-0.1
Voltage gain(Typ.)[dB] 100.0
Output current(Typ.)[mA] 6.0
CMRR(Typ.)[dB] 90.0
PSRR(Typ.)[dB] 100.0
GBW(Typ.)[MHz] 1.5
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
    • High voltage gain
    • low distortion
    • Low operating supply voltage
    • Low input bias current
    • Low supply current
    • Input/Output Full Swing
Technical Data
Application Note

Op-Amp / Comparator Tutorial

Application Note

Thermal Resistance