3 Terminals DC/DC Regulator - BP5293-33

The BP5293-33 series is one packaged 3terminals Buck type DC/DC Converter built-in all parts of DC/DC converter. High efficiency compared with 3 terminals regulator, and not necessary to heat sink. It’s able to rearrange without redesign PCB, because of pin compatible. The built in input/output capacitors and coil is contribute to compact design. Supplied DC7V~26V output fixed voltage which is 3.3V, 5.0V, 12.0V line up. The output max current is 1A. High efficiency at light load with a SLLM™. It is most suitable for use in the equipment to reduce the standby power is required.

Part Number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
BP5293-33 Active SIP3 Tray Yes
Vin[V] 7 to 26
Vout(Typ.)[V] 3.3
Iout(Max.)[mA] 1000
Characteristics VoutAccuracy ±3.0% Stby terminal is None
Dimensions [mm] 17.0x17.8x7.2
    • 1ch Buck DC/DC Converter
    • SLLM™ control(Simple Light Load Mode)
    • Efficiency=70%(@IOUT=2mA)
    • Over current protection
    • Under voltage lockout protection
    • Soft start
    • Not need to externals parts
    • Small Package
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