1ch System Motor Driver ICs - BH6578FVM

The BH6578FVM and BD7931F are reversible motor drivers with a wide output dynamic range, with power MOS used for theoutput transistor. The motor drivers can set the output mode to four modes of normal rotation, reverse rotation, stop (idling),and braking in accordance with input logic (2 inputs).

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
Part Number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
Constitution Materials List
BH6578FVM-TR Active MSOP8 3000 3000 Taping inquiry Yes
Grade Standard
Usage CD / DVD
Number of Channels 1.0
  • ・ Wide dynamic range loading driver with MOS output, Ron = 1.0Ω (Top+Bottom)
    ・ With loading driver voltage setting terminal
    ・ Built-in thermal shutdown circuit (TSD)
    ・ MSOP8 package (BH6578FVM)
    ・ SOP8 package (BD7931F)
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