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About ROHM

Product Families

ROHM's spirit is infused into every component

ROHM's spirit is infused into every component
ROHM doesn't simply just make and sell components, we are also deeply concerned with a number of issues, such as why a product is required in the first place and what type of solution would be ideal for the customer. This enables us to refine existing technologies. Every ROHM product is designed with the customer in mind.

Building custom parts in order to make the customer's dreams a reality


ROHM develops parts that meet or exceed requirements by listening to each and every customer, providing a level of satisfaction that conventional products simply cannot match. We are committed to delivering custom LSIs and modules that fill the needs and wishes of every client.

Even ROHM's general purpose products possess the highest level of quality


Although ROHM's general-purpose products have a strong reputation of being bulk manufactured, we are more than simply a mass producer of electronic components. Decades of experience has made us well-aware of the various tolerances inherent in the quality of finished goods, and so we continue to invest heavily in developing the world's most reliable, high quality components, with the ultimate goal of manufacturing 'unbreakable' products.

Supporting the customer and society through electronic products

ROHM products are not seen by the general public. However, we are involved in the development and manufacture of a whole host of electronic products, from standard parts to the most advanced components utilizing cutting-edge, original technologies, making us the unseen force behind many consumer electronics devices. Please click on the image below - you just might be surprised with what ROHM has to offer.