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Procurement Activities

The ROHM Group's Basic Procurement Policy

Our business activities, which include transactions on materials and semi-finished products necessary for production, are made possible only with the cooperation and support of a large number of people engaged in a variety of business fields.
We place utmost importance on the relationships of trust with our many Business Partners spread out across numerous countries and regions throughout the globe regarding the purchase of materials and semi-finished products and outsourcing of jobs, with the goal of achieving mutual prosperity.

1. Fair and Equitable Transactions

We respect the self-responsible management and operation of our Business Partners, and will strive to perform transactions with fairness, humility, and on equal footing in the purchase of materials and semi-finished products and outsourcing of jobs necessary for our business activities.
In particular, we will comply with all laws and regulations related to procurement, and will never perform acts that impose unfair transactions to our Business Partners through the abuse of a dominant bargaining position.

2. Equitable Selection of Business Partners

As we open wide our doors globally, we shall strive to provide equal transaction opportunities and procedures that are easily understood, and shall select Business Partners through fair and reasonable criteria based on quality, delivery, price and environmental consciousness, and whether they fulfill social responsibility by complying with applicable laws and regulations, respecting social ethics, protecting the environment, respecting human rights, maintaining occupational health & safety, and eliminating anti-social forces.

3. CSR Procurement

To promote CSR procurement, we shall endeavor to deepen understanding and awareness among our Business Partners based on 'The ROHM Group's CSR Procurement Guidelines.' Similarly, we will promote green procurement in accordance with 'Green Procurement Guidelines.'