Standard EXCELED™ Series

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Broad lineup includes customized colors and Au-plated products


ROHM's EXCELED™ Series utilizes original device and phosphor technologies along with refined wavelength sorting to enable custom colors, including white and pastels.
A variety of package types are also offered for greater compatibility.

Features : Wide Package and Color Lineup

In addition to 8 standard colors (dark red, red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue, and white), 6 optional colors (pink, blue-green, blue lagoon, sapphire blue,ice blue, incandescent bulb color) are offered - made possible via phosphor technology - on a made - to - order basis.
Standard Colors
Dark red Dark red Red Red
Orange Orange Yellow Yellow
Yellowish green Yellowish
Green Green
Blue Blue White White
Optional Colors
Pink Pink Incandescent Bulb Color Incandescent
Bulb Color
Blue-green Blue-
Sapphire blue Sapphire
Blue lagoon Blue
Ice blue Ice
Series Size Products
SML-T1 Series
(Compact Reflector
1.6 to 0.8t
= 0.55mm
SML-T1 Series (Compact Reflector Type)
SML-M1 Series
(Compact Reflector
2.0 to 1.25t
= 0.8mm
SML-M1 Series (Compact Reflector Type)
SML-E1 Series
(Mini-Mold Type)
1.6 to 0.8t
= 0.36mm
SML-E1 Series (Mini-Mold Type)
SML-D1 Series
(Mini-Mold Type)
1.6 to 0.8t
= 0.55mm
SML-D1 Series (Mini-Mold Type)
SML-H1 Series
(Mini-Mold Type)
2.0 to 1.25t
= 0.8mm
SML-H1 Series (Mini-Mold Type)
SML-01 Series
(Reflector Type)
3.0 to 2.0t
= 1.3mm
SML-01 Series (Reflector Type)
SML-Z1 Series
(PLC Type)
3.5 to 2.8t
= 1.9mm
SML-Z1 Series (PLC Type)
SML-A1 Series
(Side-View Type)
1.6 to 1.15t
= 0.55mm
SML-A1 Series (Side-View Type)
SLI343 Series
(Lamp Type)
3 SLI343 Series (Lamp Type)

NEW ™ Series

 Compact, high-brightness white ™ (Surface mount type)

A high brightness white LED has been added to the ™ Series.

1608 (0603in) size, High Brightness White LED ROHM now offers the high-brightness white LED SMLE13WBC8W in a general-purpose compact package with its advanced device technology. This LED provides brightness approx. 1.6 times as high as that of the conventional ™ white LED (SMLE12WBC7W).


Compact, high-brightness white ™ (Surface mount type)

External Dimensions

Electrical Characteristics

Part No. Forward
Current IF
voltage VF
Light Emission
Luminosity IV
SMLE13WBC8W 5 2.9 120 (0.30,0.30)
SMLE14WBEW 5 2.9 180 (0.30,0.30)
 : Under development
* Specifications are subject to change without notice

ROHM Color Compatibility

Compatible Wavelength Ranks (Based on Internal Device Technology)
ROHM Color Compatibility
ROHM's utilization of 4-element chips and wafer processing make wavelength customization possible.

Phosphor Technology

Phosphor technology enables the development of customized colors, including pastels. Phosphor Technology

ROHM utilizes the most advanced technologies to develop products optimized for current and next-generation devices.
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