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What is a motor?

What is a Motor?

How does a motor work? (2)

2) Actual motor operation

Here we see an actual method used for rotating a motor by generating a rotational magnetic field from a 3-phase AC source and conductive coils.
(3-phase AC is an AC signal with phases shifted 120°)

Current Change (Change in Magnetic Field Strength)
  • The synthetic magnetic field in ① above is shown in ① below
  • The synthetic magnetic field in ② above is shown in ② below
  • The synthetic magnetic field in ③ above is shown in ③ below
Results from the above diagram

As mentioned above, the 3 phase coils (U, V, and W) are wrapped around an iron core, positioned 120° apart, with the higher voltage generated at the N pole and the lower voltage at the S pole.
Since each phase varies sinusoidally, the pole (N/S) generated from each coil will continue to change, along with the magnetic field.
If we look at just the N pole, the phase switches in order from the U coil → V coil → W coil → U coil, enabling rotation.

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