3 ECOs sought by the ROHM Group

ECO Earth

Contributing to a global environmentally
conscious society

Minimizing the global environmental load through
high quality, waste-free manufacturing.

Ensuring high quality and stable supply through a vertically integrated production system

Ensuring high quality and stable supply through a vertically integrated production system


To pursue quality rst, we carry out activities to increase quality in all processes, from development and production to marketing and services, within the entire Group.


Focusing on our integrated production system that is less susceptible to external factors allows us to ensure worry-free use of our products by delivering long-term, stable supply.

High quality raw materials

In-house photomask

In-house dies and lead frames

State-of-the-art packages

Wafer manufacturing
from silicon ingot

Integrated quality control, from
chip design layout to photomask

To ensure quality manufacturing, all dies for lead frame punching and molding are created in-house

SiCrystal AG is a German SiC
single-crystal wafer
manufacturer that joined the
ROHM Group in 2009

The latest assembly
technologies are utilized,
including CSP, BGA and stacked

Raw silicon

Vertically Integrated Production System

ROHM pursues a company objective of‘Quality First'through a vertically integrated production system that makes it possible to infuse quality into all processes, from ingot pulling to completion of finished products. Asan example, the ROHM Production System (RPS) ensures unparalleled quality by thoroughly removing all waste arising from unnecessary operations, transportation, and delays, allowing ROHM to achieve the best production facilities in the world. Activities of this type contribute to not only high quality manufacturing and stable supply, but also to eco-friendly manufacturing that utilizes resources without waste.

Pick up | Selected to the CDP Water Program A List

~Received an A rating for corporate water stewardship~

Clean water is essential for the production of semiconductor wafers. As a semiconductor manufacturer, ROHM carries out water saving and recycling activities to reduce not only impact but improve water security for the environment.
At the same time, to fulfill its supply commitments ROHM has established a Business Continuity Management (BCM) system that can respond to a variety of risks, including not only water shortages, but also natural disasters and infrastructure problems.
Considering this and other initiatives, in November 2015 ROHM was selected to the A List, by global non-profit group CDP for its approach to water management.
And going forward, ROHM will continue to carry out manufacturing that takes into account the global environment to sustainably manage water resources.