For the Industrial Market

Developing technologies for the future | Contributing to greater energy conservation

Developing technologies for the future

ROHM has focused on the development of new technologies with an eye towards the next generation. R&D activites include the cultivation of material, design, and production technologies as well as improving quality and reliability in order to develop products and solutions that meet the need for next-generation devices and applications.

Contributing to greater energy conservation

ROHM, a major supplier of semiconductor and electronic components, is increasingly committed to providing products and support for the industrial equipment sector with an emphasis on power conservation, greater compactness, and higher speed operation in order to achieve an eco-friendly society.


Creating new features in devices through material innovations

Biomaterials / Compound semiconductors / Organic semiconductors Combined metal oxides / Nano-materials / Organic materials Ferroelectric materials / SiC

Developing advanced complex devices by integrating disparate technologies from a variety of fields

Magnetics / Electronics / Optics / MEMS / NEMS / Biotechnology Medicine / Nanotechnology / Photonics / Spintronics / Mechanics








SiC trench MOSFETs

The industry's smallest ON resistance at 0.79m • Ωcm2 (600V) minimizes power conversion loss...more

GaN power devices
GaN power devices

High-speed operation with a low ON resistance. GaN power devices realize greater miniaturization and high efficiency operation in power supply circuits through the unique characteristics of GaN...more

Sensing and Sensor Networks

Dye-sensitized solar cells
Dye-sensitized solar cells

Efficiently generates energy even from weak lighting (i.e. indoors). Suitable for stand-alone power system for sensor networks.

CIGS image sensors
CIGS image sensors

Combining Si-based ICs with compound semiconductors, CIGS image sensors feature high sensitivity over a wide range, from visible to near-infrared, making them suitable for applications such as inspection cameras requiring near-IR sensing.

Photonics and Optics

Optical communication modules

High-speed, high noise-tolerance, high-security communication modules capable of transmitting full DVD video in less than 10 seconds...more

Terahertz devices
Terahertz devices

Our solid-state oscillators and high- sensitivity detectors based on compound semiconductor technology open up entirely-new terahertz applications such as sensing and ultra-high speed wireless communications.