For the Industrial Market

Integrated production system ensures superior quality and stable supply

High Quality

Quality is our top priority at all times. Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of society through a consistent supply of high quality products in large volumes to the global market.

ROHM's corporate mission is 'Quality First'. Quality improvement activities are being implemented throughout all processes within the ROHM Group, from production, sales, and service, including design, development, and wafer fabrication based on ROHM's integrated manufacturing system. At the same we provide excellent traceability, ensuring a stable supply of high quality products.

Focusing on raw materials
Wafer fabrication from ingot pulling
Raw Silicon
Raw Silicon
Die and lead frames produced in-house
Dies for lead-frame punching and mold are included to ensure quality
Die and Lead Frames
Cutting-edge packages
The latest assembly technologies are utilized to develop the most advanced packages on available, including CSP, BGA, COC, COF, and stacked package types
Photomask produced in-house
Pursuing superior quality through an integrated quality management system, from IC chip design layout to photomasking
In-House Production System

In-house production system makes it possible to quickly respond to customer needs

Supporting development of an in-house production system

In-house wire bonding process

Stable Supply

ROHM offers stable, long-term product supply for the industrial equipment market. Long-term supply required for industrial equipment over ten years is provided.

Fulfilling Supply Responsibility

The ROHM Group manages all production processes based on a comprehensive, vertically integrated in-house production system that, unlike fabless and foundry manufacturers, is not easily affected by external factors. In addition, a BCM (Business Continuity Management) system centered around safety stock and multiple production sites during disasters and other catastrophic events, has been established in order to guarantee stable supply.

Note: Supply will be ensured unless an unforeseen event or natural disaster occurs, at which time ROHM will consult with the customer to determine the best course of action.
BCM System

ROHM implemented risk assessments at all production sites in the aftermath of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and flooding in Thailand in order to clarify and provide a clear response to emergencies.

Risk-based business plan