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Factory Automation

ROHM supports new technologies for devices for the FA market that require greater energy savings, faster operation, and greater miniaturization

The FA sector has experienced rapid expansion worldwide, with equipment becoming increasingly smaller and more efficient, consuming less power. ROHM provides a wide array of electronic products that meet these needs.

ROHM offers a digital isolators - essential for stable operation - featuring greater energy savings, faster operation, and a smaller footprint than conventional devices.

We also offer high-efficiency DC/DC converters for power supply blocks that support a wide input voltage range. Our broad lineup includes models with built-in MOSFET, units compatible with high frequencies, and synchronous rectification types that contribute to smaller, more efficient power supplies.

ROHM, along with Group companies Lapis Semiconductor and Kionix, develops products that meet a variety of sensing needs utilizing the latest sensing technologies for performing advanced testing and measurement.

Our portfolio of discrete/passive products for power supplies and inverters include high-voltage power MOSFETs and diodes, high-power shunt resistors, and other power devices that also contribute to greater energy savings such as high-brightness LEDs (SML-D1 Series).

ROHM offers all ICs and electronic components required for FA equipment, providing a significant, system-wide advantage.

Energy Management System (EMS)

System-level devices optimized for EMS (i.e. HEMS, BEMS, FEMS)

The use of natural energy is increasing in order to reduce CO2 emissions. A system that can efficiently consume power is essential to prevent wasted energy. ROHM has developed products that provide high efficiency to systems themselves through power supply ICs, sensors, communication ICs, microcontrollers, and other electronic devices.

ROHM DC/DC converters support a wide input voltage range and high voltage operation. The wide lineup includes integrated MOSFET types that reduce the number of external components, units that support high-frequency operation, and converters compatible with synchronous rectification, minimizing the size of the external coil for improved efficiency and space-savings.

ROHM supplies isolator ICs featuring superior noise resistance, high-speed operation, low power consumption, and an integrated transformer coil for stable, long-term performance. Advantages include easy multi-channel configuration and smaller substrate area.

ROHM provides a wide selection of communication ICs for a variety of applications, from multi-sensor ICs that collect and process essential environmental and power data for EMS to specified low-power wireless IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee® products and ICs that support Bluetooth Low Energy.

Ultra-low-power microcontrollers are also available that contribute reducing device power consumption.

Our lineup of discrete/passive products for power supplies and inverters include high-voltage power MOSFETs and diodes, high-power shunt resistors, and other power devices that also contribute to greater energy and space savings such as the high efficiency ECOMOS™ series.

Power Supply Equipment

ROHM power devices provide to greater energy savings, lower noise, and improved miniaturization in power supply equipment.

In order to handle more power, power supplies need to increase efficiency and minimize reactive power. ROHM offers a range of devices that meet these needs optimized for equipment of all types, from compact devices to large-scale sets.

ROHM SiC devices deliver lower ON resistance, higher switching speeds, and higher temperature operation than conventional silicon-based products. In addition, power loss is improved 50% for solar power generation applications. Additional advantages include increased space savings and lower energy consumption, enabling use in areas not possible with silicon, such as sets with restrictive space requirements and/or under prohibitive environments.

Gate drivers with built-in isolated elements have been developed that are compatible with driving SiC devices, power MOSFETs, and IGBTs required for power supplies. The isolated elements include an on-chip transformer for significantly lower current consumption than conventional methods using a photocoupler.

ROHM AC/DC converters feature a high-voltage startup circuit design that operates with low current consumption, minimizing standby power. Units with integrated MOSFET are also offered for improved efficiency and greater miniaturization.

We offer high-efficiency DC/DC converters. A wide lineup is available that enables configuration of ultra-stable power supplies featuring high conversion efficiency over a wide load range through an original SLLM*1 function and H3REG™*2 technology for high-speed response with low noise.

SLLM: An original control method that ensures high efficiency operation by changing the switching pulse during light loads (Simple Light Load Mode)

H3REG™: A proprietary ONTIME control technique that enables high-speed load response. 'H3' is short for 'High efficiency, High speed, High performance'