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ROHM offers a broad portfolio of motor drivers and actuator drivers, including drivers for DC Brush Motor, Stepping Motor, 3 Phase Brushless Motor, Fan Motor, ODD, Printer, Digital Still Camera, Mobile Phone Module.
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  • DC Brush Motor (53)

    ROHM DC brush motor driver ICs are reversible drivers that drive brush motors via H-bridge and incorporate PWM, brake, and forward/reverse modes. A large lineup is available featuring both high efficiency and reliability, in a range of voltages, currents, pin configurations, and package types.

  • Stepping Motor (42)

    ROHM's broad lineup of stepper motor drivers, available in different voltages, currents, pin configurations, and interfaces, are high efficiency, high reliability drivers ideal for separate CLK-IN/PARA-IN or switching from unipolar to bipolar via pulse motor.
    calculator for motor driver junction temperature←Simple calculator for stepper motor driver junction temperature

  • 3 Phase Brushless Motor (18)

    ROHM high efficiency, high reliabilty 3-phase brushless motor drivers are offered with a Hall sensor and support different conduction angles (sine wave drive), making them ideal for paper feed, polygon mirror, fan motor, ODD, and other applications.

  • Fan Motor (51)

    ROHM fan motor drivers feature high power, high efficiency MOS output drive for minimal electromagnetic noise, and integrate multiple protection circuits. Ideal for driving fans in PCs, commercial equipment, and communication/industrial devices.

  • ODD (15)

    ROHM optical disk motor driver ICs are available in sensor and sensorless configurations, ensuring compatibility with a variety of motors, including spindle motors, stepper motors, actuators, and loading motors, covering a range of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray applications, from PCs to car audio. Features include high efficiency and high reliability.

  • Printer (7)

    ROHM high efficiency, high reliability printer motor drivers integrate a number of technologies based on sine-wave-drive 3-phase brushless motor drivers, including DC motor

  • Digital Still Camera (20)

    ROHM lens drivers for digital cameras support a variety of requirements for both compact and SLR cameras. A broad lineup of compact drivers is offered, from high current, high voltage single channel types featuring high-speed switching to multichannel models that can simultaneously drive DC and voice coil motors.

  • Mobile Phone Module (15)

    ROHM drivers for portable cameras provide low power consumption, high-speed, low-noise drive optimized for a variety of specifications for actuators and portable cameras.