• The page select bit refers to what, exactly? And what should the settings be for a 3bit page select bit?
    • The page select bit indicates the bit at the top address.
      The address indicator bit is set in the 8 bits between WA7 to WA0 within the address command. However, since a total of 256 combinations are possible, for EEPROMs greater than 4kbits the address indicator bit is assigned within the Slave address.
      Therefore, for the page selection bit please handle the expansion of WA7-0 considering the following.
      BR24L04-W   PS → WA8
      BR24L08-W   P1 → WA9  P0 → WA8
      BR24L16-W   P2 → WA10  P1 → WA9  P0 → WA8
      Type No. of addresses No. of required bits Indicator address Bit name
      BR24L02-W 256 8 WA7 to WA0
      BR24L04-W 512 9 PS WA7 to WA0
      BR24L08-W 1024 10 P1,P0 WA7 to WA0
      BR24L16-W 2048 11 P2,P1,P0 WA7 to WA0

      TypeNo. of addressesNo. of required bitsIndicator addressBit name
      BR24L02-W2568 WA7 to WA0
      BR24L04-W5129PSWA7 to WA0
      BR24L08-W102410P1,P0WA7 to WA0
      BR24L16-W204811P2,P1,P0WA7 to WA0
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