• Please explain the relationship between the detection voltage and detection cancellation voltage.
    • The hysteresis voltage is added to the detection voltage VDET, which becomes the detection cancellation voltage.
      In measurement samples with a VDET voltage, the hysteresis voltage ΔVDET variation is added, resulting in the detection cancellation voltage.
      For the BU48/49 series, VDET × 0.03 (min), VDET × 0.05 (typ), and VDET × 0.07 (max) are specified. In addition there is a 1% variation in the VDET voltage. Therefore, for a VDET of 3.4V, the minimum hysteresis voltage will be 3.366 × 0.03 = 0.101V, while the maximum value is 3.434 × 0.07 = 0.2404V.
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