Electronics For You expo 2016

Thank you for the visitors at EFY-expo 2016 and we hope that you are now well aware of the ROHM products.
To continue our relationship with you please send in your business inquiries in future to here.


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IPM - Intelligent Power Modules

ROHM Semiconductor's Intelligent Power Modules combine several components developed by ROHM like gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs or Power MOSFETs, fly wheel diodes as well as various protection functions within one compact package...more

SiC Technology

ROHM started mass production of Full SiC module first in the world. Current line-up includes 1200V/120A and 1200V/180A type Half-bridge modules and a new 1200V/300A type using the same package is just being released. In addition ROHM introduced the next generation of SiC MOSFET which are designed to deliver cost effective, breakthrough performance in inverters and converters...more

Motor Drivers

ROHM offers a broad lineup of H bridge and stepper motor drivers in a wide range of supply voltages, output currents and channels. Features like VREF-PWM conversion for H-bridge drivers, integrated protection functions and their high reliability operation, making them ideal for a wide range of applications...more

Sensing Solutions

ROHM offers a broad portfolio of sensors, Hall ICs, Ambient Light Sensor ICs, Optical Proximity Sensor ICs, Temperature Sensor ICs, Capacitive Switch Control ICs, MEMS Sensors and Optical Sensors (Module Sensors)...more