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Approach to Quality

Discrete & Module Business

Discrete & Module Business: Commitment

Developing products that contribute to greater miniaturization and energy savings Katsumi Azuma Director, Member of the Boad Discrete & Module Production Headquarters ROHM Co., Ltd.

Achieving the world's smallest devices through the pursuit of miniaturization and lower power

In its discrete and module businesses ROHM strives to develop technology in the compact, low power field where it excels while at the same time expand and strengthen its power device lineup to support larger voltages and higher power.

In the compact, low power sector our resistors, transistors and diodes are being increasingly adopted in automotive markets around the globe due to their superior reliability.

ROHM also has for some time contributed to the increased miniaturization and performance of electronic devices by offering the industry's smallest class of discrete components. However, this time we have succeeded in mass producing our RASMID™ series of products that utilize breakthrough manufacturing methods and technologies to achieve the smallest sizes in the world. They are designed to significantly reduce the weight and improve performance of not only smartphones and tablets, which continues to see increased proliferation, but also the wearable technology market, where significant growth is expected.

Accelerating the development of power devices that will contribute to energy conservation throughout society

In the power device field we are strengthening our industry-leading lineup of silicon carbide (SiC) products that feature significantly lower loss than conventional silicon devices. In 2014 ROHM established a new Power Device Production Division in order to provide customers optimized power solutions that fuse original power device technology with LSI-based control and module technologies.

In addition, we hope to help save energy for society as a whole by developing and supplying new products that dramatically reduce power conversion loss in all types of applications, including solar power generation, wind power generation, substations, and electric vehicles.

Going forward ROHM will continue to actively introduce proprietary leading-edge, high efficiency production lines to stabilize quality and improve productivity as well as accelerate technical proposals and product supply that take advantage of our module technology and LSI technology fusion.