Regarding RoHS Compliance Data & Constitution Materials List | ROHM CO., LTD.

ROHM ensures that the performance of its lead-free (external terminal) products is equal or superior to conventional products in terms of both
solderability and junction reliability due to a lower melting point, improved wettability, and optimization of metallic characteristics. In addition,
mountability, reliability, strength, and heat resistance are ensured, even when mounted using lead-free solder.

Regarding RoHS Compliance Data & Constitution Materials List

RoHS compliance information on is as follows.     CSV File Conversion

Item / Subitem Name Item / Subitem Name *1
Term explanation

*1) Content ratio relative to total product weight is calculated with respect to RoHS substances, while content ratio relative to the weight of each product part is calculated regarding items/sub-items.
*2) In cases where the measured value exceeds the standard level, RoHS-exempt lead (contained in glass) is included.


ROHM strives to reliably provide products that are RoHS compliant by making information about constituent materials publicly available. However, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of such data, since much of it has been compiled based on information obtained from raw material suppliers and because some information may have been withheld due to a need to safeguard confidential information.
Please note that the data provides estimates of the average weights and content of component materials based on the aforementioned issues. In addition, the data does not include impurities or metals diffused in the silicon.