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Approach to Quality

Quality System

A Quality Control System that will Satisfy and Reassure the Customer

The organization of ROHM is divided into a Development Division, Production Division, Sales Division, Administration Division, Accounting Division, and Direct Administration Division. Production departments for each product group (e.g. LSI, TR, LED) are placed within the Production Division, and these departments are in charge of management work for everyday quality, cost and delivery. Overall quality assurance for all products, including environmental issues, is supervised by the QC unit within each manufacturing department. The Quality Assurance Department is organized as one of the Direct Administration Divisions. The QA Department oversees the construction of quality systems and information dissemination throughout the Company beyond the limits of the manufacturing departments and Headquarters, and supervises the work of the QC units in each manufacturing department. When developing new products, in order to be able to constantly deliver reliable products that satisfy our customers' requirements in a timely manner, ROHM performs evaluation at the four stages of design concept, design review, first product flow, and mass production. ROHM has established a structure where information for improvement is fed back upstream so that sequential handling can be performed, and that relevant information is incorporated into future designs.

*QC: Quality Control

[Quality assurance system chart following the flow of new product development]

[Quality assurance system chart following the flow of new product development]

Unbreakable Design and Product Creation

Semiconductors, which are produced through fine processes, are generally fragile. ROHM considers the importance to overturn this misconception in order to enable use with confidence. Taking the example of ICs, a Design Quality Development Department has been set up within the ICs Product Development Division as a specific organization. The activity of the Design Quality Development Department is diverse, for it includes not only to ensure design quality, but also to promote the development of circuitry and the introduction of protective circuits that do not break even when used under severe conditions.

[Development and manufacturing flow(example)]

[Development and manufacturing flow(example)]

Traceability Control

Traceability Control In the unlikely event where defects occur stemming from the product,the production information (lot information) of ROHM products can be traced back to the actual product. All manufacturing processes can be traced back to four factors:human,machine,material and method.These four factors enable a speedy investigation concerning the production conditions and workmanship of the pertinent lot.With respect to past products as well,a sample retention system is fully in place for all products,enabling re-verification of the state of products at a given time.