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Approach to Quality

QA centers

Same-day Response to Claims (claim response within 24 hours)

In order to respond to customers on a global scale promptly and coherently, ROHM has established product analysis centers with a variety of analysis equipment, called QA* Centers (not including headquarters) at nine primary bases worldwide. ROHM has staff capable of technical response handling local service, and strives to improve the level of its analysis technology. If the company receives information on a product defect, it acts with the goal of responding to the customer complaint within 24 hours. Each center, with ROHM Head office as the central focus, is connected with a teleconference system and has a process for sharing information promptly in order to respond to the demands of its customers.

QA:Quality Assurance

Establishment of QA centers (1.Thorough conduct of primary response within 24 hours 2.Reinforcement of local support)