PowerSMART™ Design Tool

The PowerSMART tool is Powervation's graphical user interface (GUI) design tool.  This interface allows the user to communicate with the digital control IC on the power supply via the user's computer.  The PowerSMART design tool runs on the user's machine and exchanges information over a common USB connection.  Powervation evaluation boards are provided with a USB/I2C interface that allows the user to communicate with the control IC through its SMBus serial interface.


Using the design tool, the user is able to communicate with the Powervation controller to receive/monitor information from the power supply and IC, as well as program settings to the controller.  The user is able to view the power supply's status, input/output voltages, output current, phase current sharing, and fault conditions detected by the controller.  More than 60 parameters (e.g., fSW, VOUT level, and protection and fault limits) may be configured and adjusted within the GUI environment.  While a great amount of flexibility is built into the design tool, PowerSMART's graphical user interface provides the user an intuitive environment in which to navigate.

To download the PowerSMART design tool and for additional information, please click here.



System on Chip platform using DSP, RISC,
NVM, and RAM to enable advanced
power management solutions.

Configuration & flexibility. Streamline
inventory management. Tunable
for needs of application.

Intuitive design tool makes digital
power design easy and enables
rapid prototyping & design.