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Approach to Quality

Halogen-free Activities

Halogen-free Manufacturing


Halogens contained in the constituent materials used in products are being substituted for more environmentally friendly substances.

What does "halogen-free" mean

Products designated "halogen-free" must conform to the requirements listed below.
Please note that conformance ensures compliance with IEC61249-2-21 specifications as well as limits stipulated by the major European manufacturers.

  1. Less than 900ppm of chlorine in homogeneous materials.
  2. Less than 900ppm of bromine in homogeneous materials.
  3. The total amount of chlorine and bromine will not exceed 1500ppm in homogeneous materials.
  4. Less than 1000ppm of antimony trioxide.

Note: Antimony trioxide is not controlled by IEC61249-2-21.

Halogen-free Package Reliabilitys

・Halogen-free epoxy boards and resin sealants are being developed in cooperation with materials providers.
・Same reliability as current conventional products.

Future Compatibility

・ROHM will consider mass production of unsupported packages after an order is placed by the customer.

Halogens Use in Products

Halogen-containing Products Package Cross-section and Halogen-infused Area
  • IC (Leads)
  • Discretes (Leads)
  • Tantalum Capacitors
  • IC (BGA Package)s
  • Power Module
  • IC (CSP)