Full SiC Power Modules

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Full-SiC power module integrating SiC MOSFETs and SBDs*1.
An original electric field mitigation structure, along with a novel screening method, are utilized to maintain reliability and enable the development of the first mass production system for Full-SiC power modules. These new modules integrate SiC SBDs and MOSFETs, making high frequency operation above 100kHz possible (unlike conventional products). In addition,high-speed switching, combined with low-loss performance, make them ideal as replacements for 200-400A Si IGBTs.

*1:Note: Custom products will be produced at the end of March, with mass production of general-purpose products beginning in June

Full SiC Power Module

Feature 1:The industry's smallest "Full SiC" power module!

Replacing Si IGBTs with SiC MOSFETs result in the industry's first mass production of "Full SiC" power modules. ROHM produces both SiC SBDs and SiC MOSFETs in-house, ensuring unparalleled reliability.

The industry's smallest Full SiC power module!

Feature 2:Switching loss reduced by more than 80%

Switching loss is significantly lower than conventional IGBT modules,
making them the ideal replacements in the 200 to 400A class.

Switching loss reduced by more than 80% Switching loss reduced by more than 80%

Specifications (Standard Type)

■ Absolute Maximum Ratings


Drain-Source Voltage VDSS 1200 V
Gate-Source Voltage VGS -6 to +22 V
Continuous Drain Current *1 IDS 120(TC=60ºC) A
Repetitive peak drain curren *1 IDRM 240(Tc = 60ºC,Pw=1msec *2 ) A
Continuous Source Current *1 ISD 120(TC=60ºC) A
Repetitive peak source current *1 SRM 240(Tc = 60ºC,Pw=1msec *2 ) A
Junction temperature Tjop -40 to 150 ºC
Range of storage temperature Tstg -40 to 125 ºC
Insulation test voltage Visol 2500(RMS,f=60Hz,t=1min) *3 Vrms
Mounting torque - 4.5(screw M6) Nm
Terminal connection torque - 3.5(screw M5) Nm

*1:The Tc measurement point is just under the chip.
*2: Tj < 150ºC
*3: Measurement conducted based on UL1557.
The specifications are subject to change without notice

Dimensions (Unit: mm)


Equivalent Circuit Diagram

2nd generation SiC MOSFETs are utilized, reducing ON-resistanceby 29% compared with 1st generation models.

Equivalent Circuit Diagram


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