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  • How to detect magnetic field?
    • Rohm Hall Effect sensor IC has the hall element embedded, and it sends out the electric signal as the hall element detects the magnetic field with Hall effect.
    • Products: Hall ICs  
  • What's Hysterisis?
    • As the strength of magnetic field(flux density) reaches Operation flux density(Bop), the output changes from High to Low. To prevent mis-operation(Chattering) around detected magnetic field, Brp is set to be smaller than Bop. The difference between Bop and Brp is called "Hysterisis."
    • Products: Hall ICs  
  • What's Pulse Driving Period?
    • Rohm Hall Effect Sensor IC has intermittent operation for lower power consumption. The sensing operation period is called "Pulse Driving Period"
    • Products: Hall ICs  
Showing 6 results.