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  • What is an EEPROM?
    • Short for Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM, EEPROMs are a type of non-volatile memory that allows data to be written to each address via electric signals. ROHM EEPROMs are capable of an industry best 1 million rewrites and retains data for up to 40 years. ROHM's unique double cell technology has been incorporated into the entire lineup, resulting in remarkably high reliability (zero accidental defects).
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
  • What is an I2C BUS?
    • A serial 2-line bus capable of 400kHz operation, it is the de facto standard interface and is widely used in digital consumer electronics, Bluetooth modules, and large household appliances.

      Target Products: BR24Lxx Series
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
  • What is an SPI BUS?
    • A serial 3-line bus capable of 5MHz operation, it is geared towards high-speed communications and is used primarily in vehicles, wireless LANs, DVCs, DSCs, and the like.

      Target Products: BR25Lxx0 Series, BR25Hxx Series
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
  • What is a Microwire BUS?
    • A serial 3-line bus capable of 2MHz operation, it is mainly used in vehicles, HDDs, and motherboards.

      Target Products: BR93Lxx Series
      BR93Axx Series
      BR93Hxx Series
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
  • What is double cell construction?
    • ROHM's unique high-reliability memory cell construction.
      Generally, with competitors, one memory cell is allocated to each bit, resulting in data corruption if the memory cell becomes defective.
      ROHM, on the other hand, allocates two cells for each bit. If one cell becomes defective the other takes over, preventing data corruption, protecting the customer's important data.
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
  • What is an accidental defect?
    • This is when a defect occurs by chance in a memory cell during normal operation, resulting in memory corruption.
      There are limitations on the number of times an EEPROM memory cell can be rewritten. ROHM guarantees the highest number of rewrites: 1 million times. Companies normally do not normally guarantee a chance defect will not occur within a number of times - they only confirm that all bits are normal at shipping.
      ROHM has developed double-cell construction to reduce the rate of chance defects for greater data reliability.
    • Products: Memory , Serial EEPROM  
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