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Environment& Community Contribution

Environment& Community Contribution

ROHM products and initiatives that bring joy and festivity to locals and visitors alike

For approximately one month in 2015, from November to December, ROHM decorated its headquarters with holiday LED lights.
ROHM works together with the local community to reduce greenhouse gases by using green power generated using natural energy sources to ensure environmental friendliness and by taking advantage of Kyo-Ver, Kyoto's very own CO2 emissions trading program.
In addition, as part of the 51st special viewing of privately owned properties in Kyoto, an event dedicated to highlighting the need to protect cultural properties, ROHM collaborated to provide nighttime illumination of Kamigamo and Shimogamo Shrines from October to November 2015.
At the venues, where traditional Shinto music and dance were performed, ROHM EnOcean wireless switches, which require no batteries, wiring, or maintenance were used to control the stage lighting.

Illuminated trees near ROHM's Head Office Illuminated trees near ROHM's Head Office

Illumination of Kamigamo Shrine using ROHM products Illumination of Kamigamo Shrine using ROHM products

Workshops on disaster prevention and mitigation*for local residents

Disaster prevention and mitigation workshop Disaster prevention and mitigation workshop

In the wake of the massive flooding that occurred in Thailand in 2011 comes an increasing need for disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge.
The need for disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge has been increasing in Thailand since the massive flooding there in 2011. In 2015, ROHM orchestrated a series of workshops to teach about 200 local elementary school students how to have fun making life jackets out of empty plastic bottles, whistles from straws, and emergency bags.

*Disaster mitigation refers to initiatives designed to anticipate and minimize damage from disasters.

Biodiversity initiatives

Cleanup Activity Cleanup Activity

Participating in cleanup efforts at a protected horseshoe crab habitat

Employees of the production facility in Kasaoka, Okayama, participate in cleanup activities in Kasaoka Bay, the breeding ground of horseshoe crabs, which are designated as a protected species in Japan. Recently, the bay has become littered with empty cans, plastic bottles, and paper scraps that interfere with their breeding activities. In response, ROHM makes every effort to create an environment that protects biodiversity through cleanup activities such as this.

ROHM Bulletin board "CSR Hiroba"

CSR Notice Board CSR Notice Board

The Environmental Working Group of the CSR Promotion Committee has set up a bulletin board called "CSR Hiroba" at ROHM's Head Office in order to help employees feel closer to CSR and encourage their participation in various activities. We will provide opportunities to communicate with employees in the future by posting information on employees who are playing active roles at affiliated companies in and outside of Japan, recruitment information for CSR activities, etc.

Contribution for communities environment

Tree planting activities Tree planting activities

Tree planting with local companies and organizations

Employees from the production company in Dalian, China joined other local businesses and organizations to plant trees. More than 200 volunteers participated in planting more than 300 trees. This event gave each participant the opportunity to consider measures to prevent global warming and preserve the environment.

Stakeholder Voice From an overseas production company

Activities to raise awareness about dengue fever in the region


In the Philippines, dengue fever has become a significant problem in the region, especially among 1- to 12-year-olds. In response, the production company in the Philippines collaborated with the Department of Health to hold educational activities directed at preventing dengue fever and helping to provide a full understanding of the importance of a clean environment. In the future we hope to continue contributing to local communities.

dengue fever