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Academiaindustry collaboration with universities in Japan and abroad

Collaboration with research institutes, universities and companies in dissimilar fields

In order to develop technology that can contribute to the advancement of culture and society, ROHM considers it essential to build strong relationships with research institutes, universities and companies in dissimilar fields and take on cooperative initiatives. In particular, to promote academic industrial collaboration, the ROHM Group actively pursues academic industry collaborations with countries outside of Japan, such as the U.S. and China, and undertakes cutting edge research and development of products that match the needs of each local region.

Spreading the joy of manufacturing to more children

Number of students who attended a manufacturing class held by ROHM in FY 2015 Manufacturing class for elementary school students Manufacturing class for elementary school students

In recent years, there have been fewer opportunities for students to experience manufacturing, and as a result they are becoming less interested. In response, the ROHM Group holds manufacturing classes for students from elementary school to university at the company.
For the elementary school student classes, ROHM collaborated with the Kyoto City Board of Education to provide the students with an opportunity to experience the joys of manufacturing by teaching the students about light's three primary colors and the energy-saving effect of LEDs, then having them combine a 3-color LED with a resistor (ROHM's pioneering product).
Similar activities are carried out at ROHM Group bases around the world. For example, the production base in Malaysia collaborates with local technical schools to hold classes about soldering and other topics and share in the fun of making things.

Global support for future engineers

JSSF workshop held at ROHM JSSF workshop held at ROHM

The ROHM Group supports future engineers through various activities ROHM has participated in The Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF) since 2013. Hosted by Ritsumeikan Senior High School, approximately 200 science students from high schools in 21 different countries come to Kyoto to interact and learn about science together.
At the workshops given by ROHM employees over two days, students received an overview of how electronic circuits work, after which they made c i rcuits of their own using actual electronic parts. They then considered and gave presentations on how those circuits could be used to benefit society.
Through this experience, we hope to help develop as many engineers as possible who can create value for society in the future.

Canadian high school student participating in JSSF 2015

ROHM workshop at JSSF was a valuable experience.
The lectures were very stimulating and taught me a lot about how to build actual electronic circuits and their applications in the real world. I had no prior experience with electronic circuits in the past, so I had difficulty at first because they did not work as I expected, but by the end, not only me but all of the participants were able to design our own circuits with people from ROHM. I was very impressed!

Fort Richmond High School

Colin Marsch

Fort Richmond High School Colin Marsch
Students competing in badminton with robots they created Students competing in badminton with robots they created

Sponsoring both NHK Students and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Robocons

The ROHM Group sponsors various events to support young engineers. One example is ABU Robocon 2015, held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in which representatives from 18 countries battled for points in games of badminton by robots they had built.

Device Plus Device Plus

Manufacturing articles posted on the technology information website Device Plus

Device Plus is a technology information website for students and young engineers responsible for manufacturing in the future. On this site are reports about Robocon competitions , instructions on how to create electronic circuits, and other useful information. In November 2015, the Japanese version of the website received over 100,000 visitors in a single month.

Device Plus

Support for students

Workshop for presenting the results of internships Workshop for presenting the results of internships


ROHM started accepting interns in 2008. In 2015, the company welcomed 34 interns. During these internships, the interns were educated on business manners, information security, and safety and hygiene at the Personnel Division and then experienced actual operations after being assigned to separate departments. A workshop was held on the last day to present results and the participants reported what they had learned through the internship. ROHM also expands communitybased efforts in other countries by offering internships to local college students at sites in Thailand, China, etc. ROHM will continue to provide students with an opportunity to think about their vocational aptitude and future plans through internships, and help develop the young generation via academicindustrial collaboration.

Support for Kyoto Students' Festival

ROHM is one of the main sponsors of the Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa, and it has supported the event since its inception. College students in Kyoto take the initiative to produce and manage the festival with the aim of introducing the attractive culture of Kyoto, the "city of students." FY 2015 marked the thirteenth edition of the festival. As it did last year, ROHM set up a booth. This year, prospective employees and employees collaborated to liven up the booth, mainly by distributing brochures and flyers of scheduled performances to advertise the newly established ROHM Theatre Kyoto. In the annual hand-made game area, it was not just small children who enjoyed taking part in games—many older visitors did, too. ROHM will continue to be a company that supports students, while also being proactively involved in various activities in cooperation with industry, government, academia, and the local community.

Students' festival Students' festival Students' festival Students' festival

Students' festival Students' festival