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About ROHM

Corporate Brand


On The 50th anniversary of ROHM's founding, a new logo was introduced. The word 'Semiconductor' was added after ROHM to represent the main line of products the company manufactures. The background color of the logo is red indicating the passion and venture spirit that started this company and sustains it. ROHM will strive to achieve customer satisfaction while following the aspiration to become a corporation that contributes to the advancement and improvement of culture without losing sight of its original identity.

The History of ROHM's Brand

The History of ROHM's Brand
From the beginning to 1979

Expresses our quality and reliability as a manufacturer of resistors

1979 to 2008

Expresses ROHM's new identity as a manufacturer of a broad range of electronic components including development of semiconductors

2009 and onward

Expresses ROHM's commitment to maintaining the venture spirit from its earliest days of striving to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction