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Chip LED with reflector - SML-012UT

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Part number SML-012UTT86
Status NRND
Package SML-012
Unit Quantity 2500
Minimum Package Quantity 2500
Packing Type Taping
Constitution Materials List inquiry
RoHS Yes
Package Type Reflector
LED Type Standard
Package size[mm] 3.0x2.0 (t=1.3)
Emitting color Red
Dominant wave-length λD(Single)(Typ.)[nm] 620.0
Luminous Intensity(Single)(Typ.)[mcd] 100.0
Forward Current(IF)[mA] 30
Forward Voltage VF (Typ.) [V] 2
Chip Structure AIGaInP
Power Dissipation [mW] 75
Operating Temperature[°C] -40 to 100
Pin Configuration:
  • N/A
Technical Data
LED Manual

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