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This is an SiC (Silicon Carbide) planar MOSFET. (SiC-SBD co-packed) Features include high voltage resistance, low ON resistance, and fast switching speed.

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SCH2080KEC Active Datasheet TO-247 360 30 Tube inquiry Yes Buy Sample
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Specifications:   Features:   Pin Configuration:
Drain-source Voltage[V] 1200
Drain-source On-state Resistance(Typ.)[mΩ] 80
Drain Current[A] 40
Total Power Dissipation[W] 262
Junction Temperature(Max.)[°C] 175
Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C] -55
Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C] 175
  • ・High-speed switching
    ・Low ON resistance
    ・Low body diode Qrr and trr
    ・Ensured reliability of body diode conduction
    ・SiC SBD co-packed
Pin Configration
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