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LCD Panel Timing Controller for Automotive - BU90AL210-M (New)

BU90AL210-M is LCD panel taiming controller IC for Automotive. It supoprts up to 3K class and includes LVDS dual receiver for input interface and mini-LVDS dual transmitter for output interface. Function safety technology are inculded the fail detect function for checking connectivity with peripheral IC and OSD (On Screen Display) function.

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Part number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
BU90AL210-ME2 Active HTQFP100V Taping Yes
Supply Voltage1 (Min.)[V] 2.3
Supply Voltage1 (Max.)[V] 3.6
Input Signal Type LVDS Dual
Output Signal Type mini-LVDS Dual
Input Bits[bit] 8/6
Output Bits[bit] 8/6
Clock frequency (Min.)[MHz] 20
Clock frequency (Max.)[MHz] 240
Resolution up to 2880x1080
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 105
    • Support FHD class resolution.
    • Flexible LVDS Input / mini-LVDS Output mode
    • Support 2 Type LVDS Data mapping (VESA/JEIDA)
    • Support 2 Type LVDS Dual mode (Odd/Even,Left/Right)
    • Support (1/2-port 6-pair)/(1/2-port 3-pair) mini-LVDS Output
    • Support mini-LVDS Output Skew Control (T/16 step)
    • Support Internal LDO: 1.5V Output
    • Support Fail-Safe Function(DE, LVDS CLK)
    • Support SSCG (Spread Spectrum Clock Generator)
    • Support 16Kbit External EEPROM
    • Support AGING Function
    • Support Programmable Driver Control Timing
    • Support Up & Down Gate Driver Scan
    • Support Left & Right Direction Data Mapping
    • Support Gamma Correction and Dithering
    • Support Data Inversion
    • Support Blanking Gray Insertion
    • Support I²C Master/Slave Function
    • Support SPI Master/Slave Function
    • Support Start Pulse Return Detection
    • Support CRC Function
    • Support OSD(On-Screen Display) Function
    • AEC-Q100 Qualified(Grade2)
ROHM Semiconductor reserves the right to change the specifications at any time.
Technical Data
Application Note

Thermal Resistance