System Regulators with High Efficiency DC/DC Converters - BH6172GU

BH6172GU integrates DCDC×1ch, LDO Regulator×5ch in a single package. It is assembled in a compact package size of a 2.6mm×2.6mm, allowing to minimize the final product. It is equipped with 16 variable steps for all channels, and low voltage output from 0.8V available to meet all kinds of material.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
Part number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
BH6172GU-E2 Active VCSP85H2 3000 3000 Taping Yes
ch 6
Vin1(Min.)[V] 2.2
Vin1(Max.)[V] 5.5
Serial I/F I2C + Parallel
Channel(DCDC)[ch] 1
Channel(LDO)[ch] 5
Vout(DCDC)[V] 0.8 to 2.4
Vout(LDO)[V] 1.0 to 3.3
Vout(Step)[Step] 16
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -35
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
  • ・Small package (2.6mm×2.6mm)
    ・16 variable steps for all output channels
    ・Enabled for low output voltage (from 0.8V)
    ・Selectable discharge resistance
    ・Wide range input voltage (2.2V to 5.5V)
    ・LDO ON / OFF control by either enable pins or by I²C registers selectable
    ・Thermal shutdown / Output current protection
Pin Configuration:
Pin Configration
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