Low Noise Quasi-Resonant Control DC/DC converter IC for AC/DC Converter - BD7685FJ-LB

This is the product guarantees long time support in the Industrial market. BD7685FJ-LB is a Quasi-resonant controller type DC/DC converters that provide an optimum system for all products that include an electrical outlet. Quasi-resonant operation enables soft switching and helps to keep EMI low. Design with a high degree of flexibility is achieved with switching MOSFETs and current detection resistors as external devices. The built-in brown out function monitors the input voltage as part of system optimization. The burst mode function reduces input power at low power. BD7685FJ-LB includes various protection functions, such as a soft start function, burst function, per-cycle over-current limiter function, overvoltage protection function, overload protection function, and brown out function. BD7685FJ-LB includes a gate-clamp circuit for optimal driving SIC-MOSFET.

Part number
Unit Quantity
Minimum Package Quantity
Packing Type
BD7685FJ-LBE2 Active SOP-J8 2500 2500 Taping Yes
Controller Type QR
Vin1(Min.)[V] 15.0
Vin1(Max.)[V] 27.5
SW frequency(Max.)[KHz] 120.0
Vcc OVP Auto Restart
Channel 1
Light Load mode Yes
Soft Start Yes
Thermal Shut-down Yes
Under Voltage Lock Out Yes
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 105
    • Pin 8 : SOP-J8 Package (6.00mm × 4.90mm : 1.27mm pitch [TYP] )
    • Quasi-resonant type (low EMI)
    • Frequency reduction mode
    • Low current consumption (19µA), during standby
    • Low current consumption when no load (burst operation when light load)
    • Maximum frequency (120kHz)
    • CS Pin Leading-Edge Blanking
    • VCC UVLO (Under Voltage Drop Out protection)
    • VCC OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
    • Per-cycle over-current protection circuit
    • Soft start
    • ZT trigger mask function
    • Voltage protection function (brown out)
    • ZT OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
    • Gate-clamp circuit
Technical Data
Application Note

Thermal Resistance