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Hundreds of people came to the ROHM booth during PCIM, and experienced ROHM's Power technologies

At the fore: Innovative, high-efficiency products for advanced power management application areas
The demand for high performance, power and reliability on one hand, cost and energy efficiency as well as miniaturization on the other, put power devices in a real stress field today. In order to address these requirements, ROHM's novelties offer beneficial characteristics and compact packaging solutions, based on the company's advanced research and design activities as well as proprietary micro fabrication technologies.


Review of PCIM Europe 2015


Sillicon Carbide Technology

ROHM has a consistent production system, which perform the entire SiC manufacturing process, from wafer processing to packages and modules manufacturing in-house. 4inch MOSFETs and 6inch SBDs wafer samples were shown on the wall.
















UPS application of SiC Applications

We showed a demo of 10kW 3 level UPS Inverter (4.5kg, 21*23*10cm) utilizing a full SiC module, as an example of SiC solutions.



Isolated Gate Drivers

10kW 3 level motor control SiC MOSFET Demo

In collaboration with Xilinx and QdeSys, ROHM showed 1200V SiC MOSFETs and FPGA reference design for motor drive.











Isolated Gate Drivers

Power and Drive

Not only SiC devices, but also ROHM has driver ICs and power resistors technologies. At this wall, we showed comprehensive driving solutions applied for Isolated Gate Driver, Isolated DC/DC Controller, AC/DC Controller, SiC MOSFET, and Power Resistors.


Isolated Gate Drivers

Power Modules

ROHM's SiC devices are awarded our customers' modules as well as ROHM's Full SiC Modules, in addition, we have IGBT IPM and MOS IPM packages integrating some sillicon devices. IPMs enable to control AC100 to 240Vrms Class Motor by only one package technologies.



Isolated Gate Drivers

EDLC Cell balancing IC


This IC demonstration showed that all functions required for 4-6 cell EDLC cell balancing integrated on a single chip; shunt resistance method provides simple cell balancing operation.