Broad high-performance DC/DC converter lineup optimized for a variety of needs

Broad high-performance DC/DC converter lineup optimized for a variety of needs

New Product

Built-in ultra-high voltage power MOSFET 1ch Buck Switching Regulator BD9G341AEFJ

The BD9G341AEFJ 1ch buck switching regulator with built-in 80V-rated (76V input) power MOSFET provides sufficient margin for 48V bus lines used for communication infrastructure, making it easy to implement safer power supply designs for high voltage applications such as phone systems, routers, and base stations.

1. 80V MOSFET ensures sufficient margin for 48V lines


・ Broad input voltage range: VCC=12V to 76V
・ Large output current: 3A (max.)
   (with built-in 80V / 3.5A / 150mΩ Nch MOSFET)
・ Output voltage range: VOUT=1.0V to Vcc ・ Variable frequency: 50kHz to 750kHz
・ Reference voltage: 1.0V±1.5% (25°C)
・ High accuracy EN threshold: ±3%
・ Soft start function
・ Standby mode
・ Overcurrent protection (OCP), Undervoltage lockout (UVLO),
   Thermal shutdown (TSD), Overvoltage protection (OVP)

2. Safe, stable operation

An integrated hiccup-mode overcurrent protection circuit prevents chip damage due to excessive heat generation. This provides greater safety and stability and eliminates the need for restart operation.

3. High efficiency, energy-saving design

Efficiency is improved* across all load regions (by as much as 19%), leading to significantly increased energy savings.

Product Overview

ROHM developed the BD9x family of buck DC/DC converters to meet the various requirements of DC/DC converter applications. From the matrix of input voltage and output current, users can easily find the ideal power supply solution to fit required specifications. The optimum product can also be selected based on high-speed response control, light load mode, and other characteristics.

Samples can be purchased online through authorized distributors, along with evaluation boards that make it possible to immediately verify operation.

Evaluation Board Lineup

Find the product that meets the required specifications from the lineup table. Click on a part number to go to the product page or on the board/sample links to jump to the inventory page on distributor websites. (Please note that ICs of the same color are pin-compatible)

Evaluation Board


The BD9x series is comprised of a range of models to meet customer needs.

[BD9x Family Product Tree]
BD9x Family Product Tree
BD9G101G6.0-42V,0.5A,1.5MHz BD9E151NUX6.0-28V,1.2A,600kHz
Asynchronous Rectification (Diode Rectification)
Current Mode Control
BD9A100MUV2.7-5.5V,1.0A,1MHz BD9A101MUV-LB2.7-5.5V,1.0A,1MHz BD9E102FJ7.0-26V,1.0A,570kHz BD9A300MUV/ BD9A301MUV-LB2.7-5.5V,3.0A,1MHz BD9E302EFJ7.0-26V, 3.0A, 570kHz BD9A400MUV2.7-5.5V,4.0A,1MHz BD9A600MUV2.7-5.5V,6.0A,1MHz
BD9E100FJ-LB7.0-36V,1.0A,1MHz BD9E101FJ-LB7.0-36V,1.0A,570kHz BD9E300EFJ-LB7.0-36V,2.5A,1MHz BD9E301EFJ-LB 7.0-36V,2.5A,570kHz BD9C301FJ/ BD9C301FJ-LB4.5-18V,3.0A,500kHz BD9E303EFJ-LB7.0-36V, 3.0A, 300kHz BD9C401EFJ4.5-18V,4.0A,500kHz BD9C501EFJ4.5-18V,5.0A,500kHz BD9C601EFJ 4.5-18V,6.0A,500kHz
Synchronous Rectification
Current Mode Control
BD9B100MUV 2.7-5.5V,1.0A,1M/2MHz BD9B200MUV 2.7-5.5V,2.0A,1M/2MHz BD9B300MUV/ BD9B301MUV-LB 2.7-5.5V,3.0A,1M/2MHz BD9D321EFJ 4.5-18V,3.0A,700kHz BD9B400MUV 2.7-5.5V,4.0A,1M/2MHz BD9B500MUV 2.7-5.5V,5.0A,1M/2MHz BD9B600MUV 2.7-5.5V,6.0A,1M/2MHz
Synchronous Rectification
On-Time Control
[Synchronous/Asynchronous Rectification]

In addition to the standard asynchronous rectification method it is possible to eliminate the external diode, and multiple high efficiency synchronous rectification types are available that cover the entire voltage range.

[Fast Transient Reponse Control Method]

Current-mode operation offers faster transient response characteristics than conventional voltage-mode control. In addition, phase compensation can easily be set and output ripple further reduced. The lineup also includes models that utilize hysteresis control to provide faster transient response than current mode and that do not require phase compensation.

[Improved Efficiency at Light Loads]

Light load mode reduces the operating current when the load current decreases and the switching frequency remains low, improving efficiency. And the switching frequency will vary depending on the load current, making it important to take the internal signal interference into consideration.

[Thin, Compact Package with Superior Heat Dissipation]

An exposed pad enables high efficiency heat dissipation from the backside of the package to the PCB, making it possible to achieve a 6A DC/DC solution in a compact form factor.

[Support for Small Lots]

Part numbers ending with -LB are designed for industrial equipment requiring long-term supply and superior reliability. They are available in smaller reels in order to eliminate waste and excess inventory during smaller production runs.

3D image of the front and back of the package HTSOP-J8

h: 1.00mm

3D image of the front and back of the package VQFN016V3030

h: 1.00mm

ROHM utilizes the latest technologies to develop products and solutions optimized to customer and market needs.

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