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Approach to Quality

LSI Business

LSI Business: Commitment

Ensuring high quality in every product Isao Matsumoto Director, Member of the Board LSI Production Headquarters ROHM Co., Ltd.

High-performance BiC-DMOS process

In our LSI business, we are focused on developing analog power ICs that leverage ROHM's expertise in analog technology. Analog power ICs such as power supply ICs and motor drivers play an important role in improving efficiency and reducing loss during power conversion and motor drive operation in all types of electronic devices. They are widely used in everything from tablet PCs and IT devices to vehicles and industrial equipment.

While increasing performance requires highly skilled engineers with a wealth of experience, it is also essential to build manufacturing processes that match development needs, such as higher voltages and increased miniaturization. ROHM utilizes BiCDMOS processes that provide the high voltages and miniaturization required for analog power ICs and make it possible to produce high performance, high quality products that integrate process technology with circuit design.

Vertically integrated manufacturing is the source of high quality

Product development is sustained through vertically integrated production lines that pursue high quality and reliability. ROHM infuses high quality into all processes, from ingot pulling to finished products. Furthermore, development and design engineers work together with manufacturing engineers to maximize process technology and factory characteristics in order to guarantee a level of quality and performance that competitors simply cannot match.

Our vertically integrated production system has achieved steady results in automotive and other markets that require superior quality. We will continue to develop products that help to resolve social issues, expand our high quality, high reliability production lines to other products, and contribute to society through manufacturing.

Broad-ranging product solutions

One of ROHM's major strengths is the ability to offer system-level product solutions by combining a wide range of disparate technologies in the discrete, IC, and module sectors. In addition, technology synergy created by utilizing the collective strength of ROHM group companies LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd and Kionix, Inc. will allow ROHM to accelerate the development of high value-added products.