Little Box Challenge

This is a dedicated webpage describing how ROHM Semiconductor devices can be used to help competitors win the "The Little Box Challenge" presented by Google and the IEEE Power Electronics Society.

achieving high power densities

Two of the most important device aspects to achieve higher power densities in power applications are the ability to minimize switching loss for higher frequency operation with greater efficiency and improve thermal conductivity to enable operation at higher temperatures.

ROHM SiC MOSFETs offer dramatically lower switching loss compared with their silicon counterparts by eliminating tail current and improving the performance of the body diode. This enables higher frequency operation, which reduces heat generation, increases efficiency, and simplifies thermal management. In addition, optimizing processes related to crystal defects and device structure eliminates premature degradation of the gate oxide film, providing even greater reliability.

ROHM's latest 3rd generation SiC MOSFETs (under development) further improve electrical characteristics by adopting a double-trench design (for the Source and Gate) that minimizes electric field concentration at the gate trench, significantly reducing ON resistance, switching loss, and Qg.


the rohm advantage

ROHM offers best-in-class silicon carbide MOSFETs that offer numerous advantages over competitor products.

  • All material sourced from ROHM-owned facilities
  • Broad lineup of 650V and 1200V SBDs and MOSFETs
  • Extremely robust body diode allows use in virtually any topology
  • Reliability (i.e. gate oxide, Vth stability) comparable to silicon power devices
  • Superior efficiency
  • Lower Ron and Ciss reduce switching and conduction losses
  • 35% lower Qg vs. existing SiC MOSFETs
  • Normally-off MOSFETs easy to drive


electrical characteristics

Loss reduced by 73% compared with IGBTs

Where to buy

All of our SiC MOSFETs are available from ROHM franchised distributors below. If you are interested in our bare die or Trench MOSFET devices please inquire